Anechoic Test Box

Anechoic Test box is an enclosure designed to have high sound insulation and absorption. It is commonly used for measuring the noise produced by products detecting any sounds ensuring quality control and conducting research and development activities.

We have utilized our technology in creating a multilayer panel. Over the nine years we have successfully, manufactured more than 300 anechoic test boxes tailored to different applications and specifications. Our products are distinguished from competitors by their ability to block out noise and their guaranteed effectiveness.

Measurement Target​

Communication information equipment, precision equipment, electronic components, nanotechnology-related products, environment-related products

Measurement Purpose

Abnormal noise inspection, research and development, product performance acoustic measurement, vibration analysis, environmental testing, etc.

Measuring Equipment​

Ordinary, precision sound level meter, FFT analyzer, vibration meter, various acoustic evaluation equipment, etc.

Advanced Functionality Unleashed Anechoic Test Box features

Sound Absorption & Insulation

Incorporates AST sound absorption material and a back sound absorption layer for superior acoustic performance. Features a double shield sound insulation door with perimeter sound absorption.

Utilities & Accessories

Utilizes a utility pipe with an inner diameter of 55 in two locations. Includes four M8 hanging hooks for convenient placement.

Table & Handling Mechanisms

The sample table is made of Steel T4.5 and includes a sound-absorbing mat for added functionality. Equipped with a closed handle, operating handle, and die-cast leaf hinge.

Base & Support Features

The dedicated base is height-adjustable, providing versatile positioning. Four-point vibration isolation pads enhance stability and support.

Mobility & Adjustment

Incorporates adjusters and casters for easy mobility. Features an eyebolt M20-24 for additional support.

Finishing & Customization

Includes a sealing gasket for enhanced performance. Offers baked painting in a standard silver color or a color of your specification for a personalized touch.


Craft Your Perfect Chamber

Enhance your anechoic test box by choosing from a range of extras. Whether its monitoring tools or specialized accessories our upgrades offer solutions. Elevate your setting. Create a personalized testing experience that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

  • Noncombustible material for the interior
  • Rotating table
  • Limit switch
  • Measurement mesh
  • Grounding grid
  • Electric outlets
  • Openings for additional wires
  • Load-bearing dispersive floor material
  • Internal remote operation
  • Temperature control device
  • Special sound insulation window
  • Adjustable height for the dedicated table
  • Shockproof Design