Assembly Type Soundproof Room

A pre-built semi-anechoic chamber serves as a noise measurement environment for equipment and machinery, specifically for acoustic power level assessments. Constructed using Solameta panels and frames, its interior features non-combustible sound-absorbing wedges. The absence of concrete walls allows for easy disassembly and relocation of the main unit, and customization is available based on measurement objectives and spatial requirements.

Use applications

Soundproof inspection room, environmental noise countermeasures, vibration testing machine, audio equipment measurement, hearing room, research and development, etc.

Measurement Purpose

Production factories, inspection lines, laboratories, buildings, offices, various work spaces, clean rooms, etc.

Advanced Functionality Unleashed Soundproof ROom features

Sound Insulation Window

Double-layered reinforced glass for sound insulation. Provides both soundproofing and visibility

Utility Infrastructure

Two utility pipes with a diameter of 65. Sound insulation covers for utility pipes.

Ventilation & Silencing Supplies

Sirocco fan for effective ventilation. Supply and exhaust silencers


Lighting & Electrical Infrastructure

Bulb-type light for illumination. 100V outlet for convenient electrical access. Distribution board with a switch for versatile electrical control

Soundproof Door & Flooring

Single swing soundproof door. Floor panel with carpet finish (excluding cases without flooring)

Documentation & Hardware

Completed documents (drawings, specifications, measurement reports, etc.). Sealed handle and hinge for secure and soundproof closure


Craft Your Perfect Soundproof ROom

Enhance your assembly type soundproof room by choosing from a range of extras. Whether its monitoring tools or specialized accessories our upgrades offer solutions. Elevate your setting. Create a personalized testing experience that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Monitor
  • Signal Light
  • BNC Socket
  • Intercom
  • Various Alarm Devices
  • Shockproof Design
  • Automatic Door
  • Earthquake Resistant Design