Mobile Soundproof Room

The Mobile Soundproof Room is a convenient pre-fabricated solution that is brought directly from our manufacturing facility to your business. This one-of-a-kind soundproof chamber saves money on shipping and installation because it does not require any assembly on site. Benefit from a speedy and cost-effective one-piece truck delivery that ensures consistent sound insulation performance.  The room is designed for ease, rolling smoothly on rollers and securely mounting with adjustment bolts, giving you unrivalled flexibility and efficiency to personalize your workplace based on individual needs.

Use applications

Soundproof inspection room, work space, auditory room, research and development (abnormal noise analysis and evaluation booth), etc.

Measurement Purpose

Production factories, testing stations, inspection lines, laboratories, overseas factories, etc.

Advanced Functionality Unleashed Chamber features

Acoustic Control Features

Broadband Acoustic Control Pipe (BFP) as a sound absorption layer, ensuring effective acoustic performance.

Soundproofing Components

Double shield soundproof door for enhanced sound isolation. Utility pipe with a 75 square, accompanied by sound insulation covers for comprehensive soundproofing

Ventilation & Silencing Supplies

Supply/exhaust silencer with diffraction sound absorption technology for quiet and efficient ventilation. Sirocco fan included for optimal air circulation.

Windows & Adjustments

Sound insulation window featuring reinforced double-layered glass for superior sound control. Caster adjuster bolt for mobility adjustments.

Flooring & Wall Panels

Floor panels with a carpet finish for a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing surface. Sora meta panels for robust and durable wall construction.

Hardware & Electrical

Sealed handle and hinge for secure closure.  Electrical specifications include secondary side wiring work. Light bulb-type light, distribution board, and switch for convenient and versatile lighting and electrical control.


Craft Your Perfect Chamber

Enhance your chamber by choosing from a range of extras. Whether its monitoring tools or specialized accessories our upgrades offer solutions. Elevate your setting. Create a personalized testing experience that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

  • Air Conditioning
  • Monitor
  • Signal Light
  • BNC Socket
  • Intercom
  • Various Alarm Devices
  • Shockproof Design
  • Automatic Doors