Small Soundproof Box

The Small Soundproof Box is tailored for sound insulation, making it perfect for quick inspections of abnormal noise in environments like factories and laboratories. It reduces high-frequency noise by around 50 decibels and offers customization to match specific noisy settings and frequency ranges. Ideal for basic noise investigations and prevention.

Measurement Target​

Communication information equipment, precision equipment, electronic components, nanotechnology-related products, environment-related products

Measurement Purpose

Abnormal noise inspection, research and development, product performance acoustic measurement, vibration analysis, environmental testing, etc.

Measuring Equipment​

Ordinary, precision sound level meter, FFT analyzer, vibration meter, various acoustic evaluation equipment, etc.

Advanced Functionality Unleashed test box features

  • Soundproof panel inner wall punching metal
  • Baked painting Standard color (N9) or specified color
  • Swivel caster with stopper
  • Soundproof door EPDM-PK+AT door
  • Anti-vibration pad & floor sound-absorbing mat
  • Hook for measurement microphone (internal ceiling)
  • Wiring through hole + Sound insulation cover
  • Sealed handle + Hinge
  • Performance measurement data


Craft Your Perfect box

Enhance your small soundproof box by choosing from a range of extras. Whether its monitoring tools or specialized accessories our upgrades offer solutions. Elevate your setting. Create a personalized testing experience that perfectly aligns with your specific needs.

  • Base
  • Slide Table
  • Illumination
  • Outlet
  • Add through hole
  • Window
  • Measuring Mesh